„Sisters: Princess Daisy of Pless and Shelagh Duchess of Westminister”- Barbara Borkowy


Autor: Barbara Borkowy

Wydawnictwo: Fundacja Księżnej Daisy von Pless

Wydanie: 2020

Liczba stron: 440

Język: angielski

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The idea to write a book about Princess Daisy of Pless juxtaposed with her relationship with sister Constance Duchess of Westminister began to crystallize in 2011 when I started to collaborate with the Foundation of Princess Daisy of Pless in Poland. (…) With this new approach to the telling of the princess’s life, the book would allow for a deeper understanding of her character and personality, as well as the motives of her action and the circumstances with which she was faced.

Barbara Borkowy

A true story that reads like an exciting period romance novel. The author zestfully and meticulously recreates the momentous lives of the sisters Daisy von Pless and Shelagh Westminister. A must-read for those like me who are fascinated by the last patroness of Castle Furstenstein, „Sisters” is also recommended to anyone wanting to learn about the extraordinary fate of two remarkable women spanning a fascinating yet tragic period of European history.

Joanna Bator